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Project settings tailored exactly to your preferences 

Each project is unique. Utilize various teams, task divisions, workflows, approaches, or set up special parameters according to your current needs. Assign tasks to reduce costs and maximize work efficiency. 


Clear project management

Create, plan, and implement projects in a more transparent and simplified manner. You can assign access to each project only to those users who are directly involved in the project on your and the client's side. Each project is unique, and it requires a different management approach. Therefore, you can set parameters according to your preferences - choose rates, deadlines, case numbers, project tools, and so on. 

Assign, control and comments tasks

Each team member typically handles a different task on the project. Therefore, assign specific tasks to individual solvers. It is very effective to use priorities and status changes for tasks. Moreover, you, your colleagues, and your customers can leave comments on tasks that need to be addressed. 

Set up each project according to changing needs

When implementing WebJET DSK, choose settings according to your requirements - create priority lists, task statuses, rates, and types of requests - and you'll have the system configured. 

Assign the correct rates to individual workers

For efficient project profitability, it is necessary to set up and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of work correctly. However, this can vary from employee to employee. That's why you can set the project rate for each worker in the WebJET DSK system based on their salary and the company's fixed costs. The system then evaluates the overall project profit, which is reflected in your dashboard. The dashboard updates automatically and adjusts immediately after each change in the project. 

Project profitability under control

Set the sales hourly rate for each employee individually. The employee's cost rate, combined with the price of their work, allows you to track expenses and profits over time. When tracking expenses, you can also generate pro forma invoices, which serve as a basis for the finance department, thus streamlining administrative work on the project. 

Track time spent on the project

When beginning to work on a particular task, the solver starts the task timer. Time is recorded in the calendar based on how long they worked on the task, and then it is reported in the overall time worked. This is then reflected in the acceptance protocol, where it is rounded according to pre-established and agreed-upon conditions. You don't have to worry about how much time each employee spent on assigned tasks. 

More users and access levels

Assign different rights to individual users. Besides assignees and managers, you can also assign a client account to the system, making communication between your team and the client more straightforward. It is up to you to decide which parts of the project you grant access to your clients. 

Effective project management

Incorporate the most efficient and popular project management tools into your projects—such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)—it's entirely up to you.


Link project stages and save time 

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that visualizes project tasks over time, making future planning easier. This chart contains a list of stages to be completed and their time intervals. In WebJET DSK, you can set specific stages or milestones of the project using the Gantt chart. By looking at it, you get an instant overview of your project in terms of time. 

Break the project into small pieces and you won't miss anything

In WebJET DSK you will also find a Work breakdown structure (WBS) approach to projects. WBS is among the most used structures of work on a project. It is a hierarchical division of projects into stages and tasks, which are then graphically displayed according to their priorities. WBS allows you to plan faster, precisely because of its emphasis on the logical structure of tasks and sub-tasks.

The most popular methodology for your project management

Kanban is currently the most popular methodology used to implement an agile approach to projects. Individual tasks are visually represented on a Kanban board, allowing all users to instantly see the status of each task.

To make project successful, every detail needs to be perfect

The Service Desk is part of WebJET DSK, allowing you not only to effectively manage projects but also to communicate with customers and provide them with necessary care and support. In our system, you can also set up testing for individual project components, thus continuously verifying whether everything is functioning as it should. 


Be always available to your customers 

The Service Desk provides up to 4 options for reporting issues to a specific project, making it easier for both you and your customers. Issues can be reported via phone, email, through a special web interface, or via a form. In any case, it is necessary to provide the PID, i.e., the Project ID. 

Gain detailed overview of the project 

Set notifications at different levels according to your needs. With other systems, it may happen that some users don't receive notifications they should, or they receive notifications that don't interest them, unnecessarily cluttering their attention. This won't happen with WebJET DSK because you can customize notifications based on task status or user type. 

Increase the quality of work outputs 

For each task, it is possible to set up a testing scenario, which is used for inputting, editing, and managing use cases, ensuring that the task is performed correctly. 

Beware of possible risks 

It should be common practice to define all risks before project implementation. In WebJET DSK, you can categorize them into a risk matrix designed to eliminate the undesirable tendency to resort to central values. Each risk record in the system's database will assist you in the final risk assessment after the project is completed. 


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